Adrienne C. Caldwell, Bodyworker & Teacher
Finesse before Force(TM)

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Adrienne C. Caldwell, BA, BS, LCMT, NCRT, CPPMBT, COMT​

Adrienne began her journey in body work in her teens while searching for a solution to a medical issue that was not being resolved by the traditional routes.  Reflexology turned out to be the answer to the problem.  Since that discovery she has used reflexology & massage as a tool in her personal life and now uses it as a professional. 

Adrienne studied music and biology before choosing to pursue a career in bodywork.  Adrienne attended Sister Rosalinds Schools & Clinics of Massage Therapy in St. Paul, MN.  She earned certification in Professional Massage, Reflexology, and Chair Massage.  She continued her studies with James Waslaski, orthopedic techniques, for 2 years and then became certified by him and is honored to TA with him when he comes to the midwest.  Adrienne has also studied with Lilian Morten for reflexology & acupressure, Bill Flocco for reflexology, Aaron Mattes for Active Isolated Stretching, Brandy Ross for pregnancy & massage, Liz Koch for psoas work in the childbearing woman, Leslie Howard for knowledge of the womans pelvic floor,  Gail Tully with her amazing Spinning Babies workshop,  Kate Jordan in her Bodywork for the Childbearing Year workshop, with Jane Evans to study the cardinal movements of the Breech Baby in a normal physiological birth.  She has begun study with Carol Phillips for Dyanmic Body Balancing as well as continuing her pursuit for new techniques from James Waslaski.  Most recently she attended a class presented by Dr. Jesus Manzaneres for his reflexology massage method.  She continues to learn from great teachers around her and is currently blending her knowledge to best serve the woman and femme before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Adrienne has taught at Northwestern Health Sciences University in the Massage College, and at Sister Rosalind's School for Massage Therapy.  She is also involved in the creation of several workshops for birth and body workers.  She is honored to teach with Debra McLaughlin, CPM, CST, and Marcello Windolph, Fasciatherapie Pedagogue.  Visit the Classes & Workshops page for more information.  She has a small private practice in St. Louis Park, offers workshops, and speaks at different events about holistic soft tissue care of the body.  

Adrienne was honored with the presentation of the Best of Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo Award  in the fall of 2014.  She is thrilled with the support of her community and clients.

Adrienne brings a wide range of life experiences to her practice.  She loves to blend Eastern and Western practices to provide the most holistic experience she can for her clients.  The one phrase that best defines her philosophy is:

"A person cannot be healed by another, they have to be ready to heal themselves.  As a body worker I am here to remind the body, mind, & spirit what can be, it is up to the individual to maintain their own health and balance."

Adrienne lives in rural Minnesota with her two busy children, and fluffy puppy.  She enjoys time in the garden, in the water, and at the gym.