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Breech Balancing

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Breech Balancing Bodywork Sessions

Available in either 90 minute or 120 minute intervals.  
More time is needed for these sessions to do a full evaluation of what you and your baby need in the moment.  There are also a wide variety of techniques, that take time, used to create space in your body to invite baby to turn head down.  You will also be taught several techniques to take home and continue doing to encourage baby to go head down.  Your partner, husband, wife, best friend are ENCOURAGED to come to these appointments with you.  Some of the home work works best with a partner.  

What can Massage & Bodywork do to help encourage a breech baby, or any baby, to find their best position?

Balancing the soft tissues of the body will create the most space for baby to get in their best position.  Sometimes, baby is breech due to soft tissue restriction from past injuries, repetitive movement, or compensation patterns from our everyday habits.  

Massage & bodywork techniques can help these situations, and help you and baby be more comfortable while inviting baby to turn head down.  

What massage & bodywork cannot do for breech or other malpositions?

If baby is breech due to pathology or other unknown factors, massage & bodywork may be contraindicated, or not able to create the right space for baby to turn.

What does an appointment look like when I come in with a breech baby?

  • You will be asked to wear clothing to move in, such as yoga pants and a t-shirt.
  • The session will begin with a detailed history.
  • We will then do a structural assessment to determine which muscles are too tight and which ones are too loose. 
  • Then we will assess where baby is positioned using Belly Mapping and Leopold's maneuver techniques.
  • Next we will release any tension in the uterine ligaments using myofascial release, craniosacral, acupressure, and/or reflexology.
  • Various massage and bodywork techniques will be used according to what the preliminary assessment discovers.
  • Spinning Babies techniques will be integrated and taught as needed.

How long does the work hold?  

Massage & bodywork can last from 24 hours to weeks depending on the health of the soft tissue before the session begins.

What can I do to get the work to hold longer?

Do your homework.  Several techniques will be demonstrated and taught during your session.  Diligence and frequency in practicing the techniques have shown to increase the chances of the work lasting longer and encouraging the baby to turn head down.  

Self care is your best tool for inviting baby into their best position.

Will baby flip on the first appointment?

It is unlikely that baby will flip while you are at your appointment.  Some babies turn during the appointment and others wait several days.  There are times when baby needs a little more help and external cephalic version may be needed to help the little one find their way around.  

What is External Cephalic Version (ECV)? and is it safe?

An ECV is done in the hospital by an experienced OB/Gyn doctor or midwife.  The practitioner will maneuver the baby's head down and bottom up using their hands.  You will be on a monitor during the procedure.  
There is a 50% chance of the ECV being successful.
ECV is pretty safe.  There is a 3% chance of something going wrong.  The most common 3% is the waters breaking.  Sometimes, rarely (0.6%), something more severe may happen and an emergency cesarean section is necessary.  

I do not do ECV procedures.


Breech Balancing

If you and your partner are interested in learning techniques to encourage a head down position for baby to do at home Adrienne offers a class called Breech Balancing/Prenatal Massage for Better Baby Positioning. To see a schedule of when Breech Balancing classes are offered please go to the Classes and Events page.

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