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Adrienne's workshops and classes are now offered exclusively through Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education heart

March 9 - 10, 2020
Breech Balancing: Advanced Prenatal Bodywork
Join me for 2 days of hands-on immersion to learn a variety of manual techniques to create space for better baby positioning.  Please, read the entire class description.
The first day we will go through the basics of creating space, techniques you can show your families to take home, how to find resources in your area of breech supportive providers, and assessments to determine what may be helpful beyond what you are able to provide.  The basic manual techniques are safe for a majority of people to do and receive, and can be done quickly (after a bit of practice).  We will go over basic ligament release, superficial fascial opening, relaxing the lower back, and posterior pelvis.  
The second day we will delve into advanced manual techniques to create mobility in the joints.  This day is designed for certified bodywork practitioners.  Only certified bodyworkers qualify for day 2 of Breech Balancing.  Participants for this portion of the class must have a functional, and solid knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  They also must already have an established practice of working with pregnant people. 
In this part of the course we will go into detail on releasing deeper tissues in the abdominopelvic cavity, the importance of working extremities when compensation patterns are present, and techniques to release the diaphragm, lumbar, sacrum and psoas.  

All 2 day participants need to take the full course.  The first four hours may be review for those who have taken Integral Touch of Birth, but review is always good.  
Continuing Education credits will be available through NCBMTB, the MN Chiropractic Board.  CEU's will only be awarded for full participation in the class, and pass grades on all assessments and quizzes. 

The CEU's do not give you the right to teach this class. 
Certificate of completion will be awarded on the same grounds as the CEU's.  The certificate of completion does not give you the right to teach this class.

Location: Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education LLC, 31 W Superior Street, Suite 501, Duluth, MN 55802  

Where?  Duluth, MN – Duluth is a beautiful port city located at the head of Lake Superior. For convenience there is a skywalk system (an enclosed walking space) between the hotel and the classroom. Over a dozen restaurants are also accessible via skywalk. Participants can fly directly to Duluth International Airport or fly into Minneapolis/St Paul (MSP). There is a shuttle service from  MSP, bus, or rental car. Drive time from Minneapolis/ St Paul is approximately 2 ½ hours.

Click here to register on Eventbrite.  FAQ's are on the Eventbrite page as well.  

Cost: $300.00 - $550.00  

March 4 - 7, 2020
Integral Touch of Birth©  - Spinning Babies© Aware Practitioner Approved Workshop

Professional medical, birth, and bodyworkers gain philosophical and scientific education in craniosacral, fasciatherapy, and integrated manual therapy for pregnant clients. Hands-on training focuses on respectful, perceptive touch in pregnancy and birth.  Adrienne team teaches this workshop with Debra McLaughlin, CNM, CST, and Marcello Windolph, Fasciatherapie Practitioner.  Together they have brought their expertise together to bring you an integrated box of tools to bring into your prenatal practice.  The workshop is 4 days of exploration and hands-on learning that can be used immediately in your own practice.  We hope you can joint us on our journey to Change Birth on Earth!

Click here to register.  More information is available at the Eventbrite page.

Cost: $850 - $1200

March 11, 2020 
Prenatal and Postpartum Psoas Care: Advanced Bodywork


Abnormal tone in the psoas muscles can create imbalances in the pregnant body that may contribute to discomforts and impact fetal position. While there are many approaches to “releasing” the psoas, many are aggressive, painful, and often counterproductive long-term. Come to learn to release the psoas during pregnancy without touching it and without pain. The need for respect and gentle approaches is particularly important with the pregnant body. In this hands-on intensive we will also work on techniques to unlock an immobile sacrum, and mobilize the lumbar spine. Equally important we will address how to rehabilitate the psoas postpartum as well, without causing pain to the client.

This workshop is ONLY for experienced, certified bodyworkers as the techniques taught can be harmful if inappropriately applied or if contraindications are present.  Absolutely no exceptions.

Prenatal and Postpartum Psoas Release Techniques:

  • The psoas is the deepest and most sacred muscle of the human body.Working with this muscle means touching the physical, emotional, and spiritual centers of the person you are working with on your table.
  • In this class you will learn a variety of techniques to create functional wellness in the psoas. Surrounding structures will be addressed as the psoas is influenced by its’ supporting soft and hard tissues. Some of the techniques covered will include: craniofascial unwinding, fascial release techniques, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, motor gamma neuron stimulation, and more.
  • By the end of the class you will have the tools to release a psoas without touching it physically, and be able to release it manually without causing pain to the person needing the assistance to access their psoas.

Who should attend: chiropractors, experienced, licensed bodyworkers​​


  • Practitioners who are experienced certified bodyworkers.
  • Must have a functional, and solid knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
  • Must already have an established practice of working with pregnant people.
  • Experience with fascia is a plus.

Register at Eventbrite.  Class is held in Duluth, MN at the Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education studio.

More dates and venues will be listed as they become available.  

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