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Rates for Service

New Prices effective tomorrow, September 23, 2019.

Current Rates are as follows:
$190 for 120 minute initial sessions

Rates are as follows for integrated and prenatal /postnatal services.
$110 for 60 minute sessions
$145 for 90 minute sessions (preferred for your first visit)

Breech Balancing in office session rates are as follows: (class rates are on the classes page)
$145 for a 90 minute session
$190 for a 120 minute session (preferred for your first visit with a breech baby)

Coming in on my day off...
$250 per hour.  Sliding scale is not available when I come in on my day off.  

Payment in full is due at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made.
Adrienne is only able to accept cash and check for payment.  PayPal is also accepted but can ONLY be done online.  There is a 4% fee for using PayPal.

                         Sliding scale is available.  Please contact Adrienne to make arrangements. 

*Postpartum is a special time of bonding with your baby.  Your infant is welcome at the massage and may be on the table with you.  The first 4 weeks after birth only light massage or reflexology will be applied.

Thank you for including me in your journey to a more balanced body!

PayPal can only be done online.  My PayPal address is 
We do not have the credit card slider in the office.  Cash and check payment are acceptable.  Thank you!

Break down of the new rates....

60 minute session
$101.56 +$ 8.44 sales tax = $110.00
PayPal fee = $4.06

90 minute session
$133.87 + 11.13 sales tax = $145.00
PayPal fee = $5.35

120 minute session
$175.59 + $14.59 sales tax = $190.00
PayPal fee = $7.00

Sliding scale is ALWAYS available.  Please ask Adrienne to make arrangements.

Cash, check, or PayPal is accepted for Payment.
PayPal requires a 4% processing fee.  PayPal can only be done online.  There is no card swiper available. is the email to send payments to on PayPal.

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