Adrienne C. Caldwell, Bodyworker & Teacher
Finesse before Force(TM)


"I was at the yoga immersion tonight in St.Paul, and I just needed to exclaim once again how great your presentation was. Your presence was reason enough to attend the immersion! I feel so honored to receive your wisdom. I am fascinated by biomechanics, so all this information really resonates brightly. Huge gratitude! :)"  Amy -

"I was so apprehensive about giving birth to my second child.   I had labored hard for 53 hours with my posterior first-born and wanted to encourage this next baby into a better position.  The bodywork and guidance I received from Adrienne and my chiropractor absolutely made the difference, aligning my pelvis and addressing the deeper tissue involved.  Adrienne understood my desire for a straightforward birth and approached each session with that goal in mind.
On Adrienne's advice, I also visited for more stretching and posture techniques.  I wish every pregnant woman would make use of Gail's wisdom.
 I gave birth to my second child after less than 5 hours of labor, full of awe and gratitude at how birth can be when your body is prepared.  It was a deeply healing experience."
 ~ Sara M., Minneapolis, MN

"Adrienne is a wonderful massage therapist. She was able to help me tremendously through two pregnancies where I was plagued with pain from my scoliosis and sciatica pain while I was unable to take pain medication. I really appreciated her willingness to schedule me extra times when I was really in pain. Her personality is very welcoming, and she was really able to put me at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone. Adrienne is highly knowledgeable about how the body works, and how lifestyle changes can help alleviate pain in the body.  She is clearly able to tell you what she is doing when she is working on your muscles, and she is great at explaining how your muscles work. Additionally, she was very practical with her recommendations on how to help my body stay healthy and pain free between massage appointments. One thing that I really liked was that she was caring enough to always have a glass of water waiting for me when I finished the massage - it was such a compassionate gesture."
~Vanessa W., St. Louis Park, MN

During my first pregnancy I dealt with a variety of pregnancy discomforts, including hand numbness.  Thank goodness for Adrienne.  After having visited nearly a dozen therapists, Adrienne was the first experienced body worker with the ability to utilize both her touch and extensive knowledge of anatomy to trace and resolve any issue I threw her way.  I also appreciated her patience and the time she took to answer my many questions; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adrienne to anyone seeking to optimize their pregnancy wellness.  
~Melissa, St. Paul, MN

"I call Adrienne my bodywork angel - and for good reason! With Adrienne's help I have regained full range of motion in both my arms and am working on correcting other postural problems. After I was involved in a recent auto incident, Adrienne, in conjunction with my chiropractor, was able to completely relieve the whiplash injury that I had received - and I haven't even mentioned the many benefits of a relaxing massage from Adrienne's hands."
~Laura W., St. Paul, MN

"Adrienne provides compassionate and professional care and has extensive knowledge of the body as well as a variety of modalities to know exactly what is helpful to inspire healing."
~Katie L., Coon Rapids, MN

"Where do I begin?  Adrienne is a healer, a teacher, and a wonderful soul.  Her massage therapy has helped my chronic neck and shoulder pain, rid me of headaches, and she is in the process of helping me heal a difficult hamstring injury.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for her expertise and knowledge.  I HIGHLY recommend Adrienne."
~Lori S., Minneapolis, MN