Adrienne C. Caldwell, Bodyworker & Teacher
Finesse before Force(TM)

Virtual Visits

Please schedule a time for your Virtual Visit on Acuity just like you would an in person session.  Thank you!

Virtual Intake
Once Adrienne is open: This is the appointment you need to schedule before you come for your in person session.  We will spend 30 minutes going through a detailed health history form.  This allows us to work together to set a plan and goals for your in person sessions to follow.  You must schedule a Virtual Intake if you have 1) never seen me before, and 2) if we have not worked together for 9 months or more.  
Fee is $45 payable on Venmo or PayPal.

What does a consultation look like?  
You would contact me to ask questions about how to take  care of yourself at  home.  We can discuss pain, baby positioning, self care, and birth support.  It is best if you have your partner/spouse/friend on the call with you.  This way I can teach them basic massage and fascia tools to help you feel better.
Consultations are done on Zoom.  The link for the meeting room is in your confirmation email for your session. 
Suggested $60, but please pay what is comfortable.  Payment via PayPal or Venmo will be accepted.  

Support Measures for Families preparing for Labor and Birth
What is this service?
We will go over techniques for you and your partner to do during labor and birth to ease the intensity of the contractions/waves.  I am trained, and have worked, as a doula, and am an expert in bodywork and massage, so can offer you customized tools for your body.  If you are interested, we can incorporate Spinning BabiesR  and Dynamic Body Balancing(R) tools as well.  
This service is available on Zoom.  The link for the meeting room is in your confirmation email for your session. 
$80 for an hour.  But again, please pay what is comfortable.  Payment via PayPal or Venmo will be accepted.  

Breech and Malposition Consultation
Adrienne is an expert in how to create space in the body to help the uterus have the most room possible, and therefore make room for baby to find their best position.  We will spend at least an hour together going over techniques tailored to you, your body, and your health to create function and health in your body so your uterus can become more centered.  We can discuss Spinning Babies(R) techniques, Dynamic Body Balancing(R), and alignment strategies to optimize your comfort and find tools that will promote good uterine position, and invite baby to find their best position.  It is best if your partner or spouse can be present to learn ways to support you in your self care.
These sessions are available by Zoom.  The link for the meeting room is in your confirmation email for your session. ​​​​​​​
The suggested fee is $90, but please pay what is comfortable.  Payment accepted via PayPal or Venmo.

Somatic Psoas Care
Join Adrienne for a one hour journey into gentle movement that accesses the sacred psoas muscle. This muscle is the deepest in the abdomen and is the literal center of our body. It is known for being dysfunctional in most people.
Adrienne applies her knowledge from the work of Liz Koch, Eric Dalton, and Aaron Mattes to guide in mindful gentle movement.
These sessions are available by Zoom.  The link for the meeting room is in your confirmation email for your session. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Fee for this service is $80.

1:1 Tutorials for Massage & Bodyworker Therapists
Adrienne has been an educator in the field of Massage and Bodywork for 14 years.  She has had the honor to teach new massage therapists, seasoned elders in massage & bodywork, midwives, doulas, chiropractors, and an occasional OB/GYN.  Adrienne has developed her own method of therapeutic care for people in the childbearing year with a focus of creating balance between the skeleton and the soft tissue structures in the pregnant body.  She is also a preceptor for Kate Jordan's method of Massage & Bodywork in the Childbearing YearTM.   Adrienne also has a deep passion for all things Reflexology, and would LOVE to share her knowledge of this tried an true method with you.  
What would  a tutorial look like?
YOU prepare specific questions, 1 or 2, that YOU would like to work on.  Send them to me in advance so I can prepare a thorough answer. 
Perhaps you have taken a class with me, and would like more clarification on something you have learned.  I would ask you do the same, prepare a couple of questions, and send them to me in advance.  
Phone or Video?  
Depends on what you have in mind.  Some things can be tutored via the phone, others - i.e. hands-on practices, will need to be done via a video format.  
Suggested fee of $85 for an hour.  Sliding scale available for BIPOC body workers.  Payment via PayPal or Venmo will be accepted.  

Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education will be offering online classes soon. 
We have our Online Case Study/Review available via Zoom.  You can register at Eventbrite to reserve your place.  The Online Case Study/Review is for people who have already taken classes with Deb, Adrienne, and/or Marcello.  We hope you can join us!

Stay tuned!  As time goes by, Adrienne will possibly find more ways to continue to serve you.  Thank you for your support and continued faith in my work and journey to create whole body wellness in the world.